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If Your Y and Our Y align, then we are confident that we are the best people for the job. The first step is to find out what you are looking to achieve and if this is something we can do together in a way that works for the long term.  

Y Finance Background
  • A Proven track record 
  • Making the complex simple using effective processes
  • Disrupt the Market and make an industry accessible
  • There is a clear ‘need’ and we are best placed to provide it
  • Harnessing the power of Generation Y effectively
  • Why Y? Your Y drives what really matters

Y did this all start?

In short, there is a crisis going on at the moment within the UK around financial literacy, understanding and planning. Which is completely understandable as it is not something taught in schools or perceived as accessible by the ‘regular folk’ amongst us. Despite financial affairs
being one of the highest contributors to ‘stress’ and impacting an individual’s wellbeing, it still remains a taboo subject to most people.

The consequences of the above means many people, most prominently Millennials (or Generation Y) who make up the majority of the employed workforce, are collectively losing a battle against the world of Social Medias expectations and the notion of ‘instant
gratification’. There is a widely publicised statement that two thirds of ‘millennials’ have less than a month or twos outgoings in their bank account. Rather striking following a National Pandemic. 

This crisis is only getting worse. The reality is, this isn’t just a challenge for ‘Millennials’, it is far bigger and only just finding a voice.

Through Your Y, I have devised a simple but effective solution that employers can provide to their people, using the ‘Inform, Educate and Coach’ model to allow the people in an organisation to truly grasp the value of what an employer who cares does for them (via Benefits packages or support services) but also identify where the employer role ends and their own ‘gaps’ begin. Most importantly, how also to
close them.

Your Y has sought to distil an approach to financial planning down into something that can be rolled out across a business to all staff (irrespective of pay grade or role) to arm the individual and their families with a simple working method to align personal and financial goals, integrated with the company or employer to achieve the desired ‘work life integration’ that has surpassed the previous ‘work life balance’ objective.

If we can get it right, using the ACE assessments and Flow Bubble concepts, We are certain it will be a powerful tool in the ‘War for Talent’ we all face as employers in retaining our best and brightest people. 

Imagine sitting in your next business meeting and each individual around the room has clarity around their long term goals, financially
what was needed to achieve them and an awareness their company would be looking to support them in achieving it, feels pretty powerful stuff. 

That is Y we do it and what we are looking to achieve with like minded organisations.


Scott Golland, Co-Founder 

Your Y Founders

Scott Golland

Stuart Jackson

A Key Concept

Y Control Your FLOW?

'Flow Bubble' - Individual

Y Control Your FLOW?

'Flow Bubble' - Company

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Using simple but effective ‘tried and tested’ process and engagement methods

Facilitated by the business

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Regular, repeat interactions

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